Hydrology, Soils and Vegetation

Determining the wetland boundary prior to work on projects adjacent to water or sensitive areas requires professional assessments of hydrology, soils and vegetation.  Core Water Consulting staff received Certification in 2009 for completing training on the process of delineation as defined by US COE.  Assessment can be completed throughout the year, not just during high water, as the characteristics of the wetland conditions are often imbedded in the shallow soil profile.  Determination of the boundary relies upon all three wetland components being present, and hand digging test pits to evaluate shallow surface soils.

Once a wetland boundary is determined, a survey grade GPS is available to capture the boundary, so survey crew costs are not incurred.  Wetland assessment can include: Wetland Rehabilitation, Wetland Delineation, Wetland Mitigation Plans, and Annual Reporting to COE for ongoing compliance, After-the-Fact Wetland delineation, Jurisdictional Determination Assessments and Wetland Litigation Support.