Core Water Consulting can assist you with all your water right needs. We work on large and small projects from designing robust construction contracts to well water quality and performance evaluations.

Water Supply Development and Evaluation/Aquifer Testing

The Montana Department of Environmental Quality and Montana Department of Natural Resources & Conservation each have certain regulatory requirements in association with water supply development and aquifer testing.  Core Water Consulting can assist in locating, designing, developing, and providing construction supervision of groundwater wells and surface water diversion systems along with performing step and long-term aquifer testing, bringing pre-regulation water sources into compliance with modern DEQ standards, public water supply design, drawings, technical specification preparation, permitting, source water delineation and assessment report preparation, and construction oversight.  In difficult groundwater development areas, groundwater source identification can be investigated utilizing very low frequency (VLF) geophysics or resistivity and inverted-polarization geophysics.


Public and Private Water Supply Development and Evaluation:

  • Design and construction contract, drawings and technical specification preparation for public water supply systems;
  • Locate, develop, and provide construction supervision for subdivision’s public water supply well;
  • Perform step and long-term aquifer testing on multiple public water supply wells;
  • Preparation of Source Water Delineation and Assessment Repo11s (SWDAR);
  • Preparation of Well Construction Specifications;
  • Water quality sample collection and evaluation; and
  • Well water quality and performance evaluations.

Water Rights:

  • Provide technical review of historical water rights being adjudicated in Montana;
  •  Work with and advise legal counsel in defense of historical water right claims;
  • Preparation and submittal of new surface and groundwater water right applications to the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation;
  • Groundwater monitoring with barometric correction with electronic transducers in various formations;
  • Design, install, and monitor surface water gauging stations with rating curves and weir diversion stations;
  • Conduct stream flow measurements;
  • Provide watershed analyses;
  • Preparation and submittal of water right change and water right split applications; and
  • Water right notice of completion and extension submittals.


Litigation Support

Core Water Consulting can work with and advise legal counsel in defense of historical water right claims, water right acquisition cases, insurance claims and stormwater or hydrologic flooding and property damages cases.