To obtain developmental approval, CWC consultants can assist in preparing and submitting a Certificate of Subdivision Approval (COSA).  Existing COSA approval for lots may not match your ideal developmental goals.  Such as; the home location relative to the well and sanitation field from the prior owner do not match your site development desires, alternatively, you may prefer to have an approval for main house and guest accommodations.  These changes to site development planned must correctly match the COSA for issuance of sanitation system.  A rewrite of COSA alters the plan to match your project through submission to local county and Montana DEQ authorization.

Key components Core Water Consulting can help you include a site evaluation, wastewater collection and treatment system design and permitting, non-degradation and phosphorus breakthrough analysis, surface water impact assessment, water supply assessment, stormwater/drainage assessment, and solid waste management.  Surface water in proximity to proposed drainfields has become a rather complex issue for obtaining COSA approval.  Site-specific information is required to determine the specifics for surface water setback requirements.